Trade shows and exhibitions are always busy; you are competing with lots of noise and many other businesses, who are also trying to get the guest’s attention. Everyone will have an exhibition stand, so how do you make yours stand out?

Lighting is often a last thought when it comes to designing and manufacturing an exhibition stand, but it could be the difference between catching someone’s eye and having them walk straight past you.

Why is lighting your exhibition stand important?

There are many benefits from creatively lighting your stand, as it enhances your visibility, making it an important feature of any exhibition stand.

Lighting can be used to highlight important aspects of your message and branding. You can use this to pull out some of your unique selling points and target audience members whose values align with your brands. If you are selling a product, you could use lighting to emphasise the product on display or a spotlight to highlight a key message from your brand.

Effective use of lighting will help you create an atmosphere for your brand and your space. The brightness of the lights, how many of them are used and their colour will impact whether your space feels relaxed or more formal. You don’t want to blind your audience or make them feel like they are in an interrogation room, so consider where your lighting is positioned and their strength so you create an atmosphere that reflects your business and company culture.

People are naturally drawn to lighter spaces, so make your space appealing and a natural place to head to. The right lighting will not only bring people over to your stand, but it will also keep them there for longer, as it affects how people enjoy a space. Again, don’t overload your area with harsh lighting, but illuminate it so that it catches the eye of those walking past and feels like a friendly environment.

If well used, lights can make people feel like they are stepping into something and build up an immersive experience. This is why they should be given the same consideration that you give the rest of your exhibition stand.

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Lighting options for your exhibition stand

Different lighting options have different effects and, in turn, different benefits.

Spotlights: these lights are compact and discrete. While they are quite powerful, they are also subtle as they illuminate specific parts of the exhibition stand, pulling out your key messages or graphics. Spotlights are the easiest way to light up your stand, and, as they are small, they won’t block any information on your stand.

Display lights: these lights are specifically used to light up stand graphics. They use LED bulbs, meaning they don’t use much power and aren’t too expensive. Display lights are a good option if you want to use different colours, as they are available in a variety of colour options.

Banner lights: these are usually placed behind the banner or stand, making it look like it has an inner glow. LED lights are used as they are easy to conceal, so the trick isn’t given away. They are great when used with a high branding banner and can really help get your exhibition stand noticed.

Backlights: backlights have been used in photography and on billboards and signage for a long time, so why not bring them into an exhibition stand? These are budget-friendly and can make a big impact on the visibility of your stand and brand. Backlights usually work well with the lighting of the exhibition hall, don’t cause shadows, and enhance the texture of your display, drawing people in.

Rope lights: rope lighting is a versatile and visually striking lighting solution for an exhibition stand. These flexible, low-voltage LED lights come coiled in a transparent, durable tube, allowing them to create various stunning visual effects. Exhibitors benefit immensely from rope lighting’s flexibility, as it can be easily bent, twisted, and moulded to fit any design or layout. It is also a great setup to help create an inviting atmosphere.

LED strip lights: strip lighting is also versatile and the LEDs make this solution an energy-efficient choice. These compact, low-heat lights offer customisable colour options, creating a dynamic and visually appealing atmosphere. Their durability and longevity make them a cost-effective choice for exhibitors, ensuring stunning illumination throughout the event.

Light up your brand with Extreme Group

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