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Case Study: Product Demonstration Area For Leonardo

Leonardo is the largest inward investor in the UK defence sector, the largest Italian inward investor to the UK, and one of the biggest suppliers of defence equipment to the UK MoD. 

Product Exhibition Stand for the Defence Sector

We were briefed to design an engaging and practical product demonstration area featuring a real helicopter, where visiting delegates from UK and overseas governments, armed forces, and security specialists could experience the latest technological developments first hand. The client wanted us to create professional and relaxed meeting rooms and a hospitality area on the upper floor, where visitors could be entertained and discuss their needs in greater detail. 

What We Delivered

We positioned a real AW159 helicopter centre stage, with relevant product demo stations placed around it that were grouped by product type rather than application. This allowed demo staff to tailor the demonstration to the audience’s interests, whether that was air, sea, or land defence/security.  In addition to the main reception, a second reception area controlled access to the meeting rooms and the upper-floor hospitality space, which gave visitors a privileged view of the helicopter. The event was seen as a huge success for Leonardo. 

SectorAerospace, Defence and Security
Stand Size194sqm

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