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Case Study: Branded Environment For Dansac

Dansac develops, manufactures and markets unique stoma care products that solve specific problems and improve quality of life for people with a stoma – and for people who work with stoma care.

Dansac Event Stand Details

To design an engaging fun client friendly space, where nurses and medical staff could relax when leaving on site conferences and technical talks.

Create a sense of fun and madness on the upper floor where the clients could forget work for 30 minutes and relax whilst still unconsciously being connected to the product.

The Mad Hatter’s tea party!
Themed on the Alice effect. Large stage props including drink me bottle and the white rabbits pocket watch.
Orange rabbit foot prints led the visitors from the conference straight to the stand where refreshments and a tea party was enjoyed.

LocationEurope (UK)
Stand Size48sqm

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