A great exhibition stand is about more than flashy signs and freebies. A great stand wraps its visitors up in a bold, hands-on product showcase, giving them a thrilling experience that’ll stay in their minds long after the event has finished.

Extreme Group is the UK’s premier designers of exhibition stands and branded environments, having created displays for big-name clients as varied as Inzpire, JBL, and HOKA. Read on for our list of the 5 key things that go into making a first-rate exhibition stand!

1. Planning ahead

It goes without saying, but a well-planned stand will always run more smoothly than a rushed or half-baked one.

You should begin planning out your stand’s design, build, and management several months in advance, so you have time to tackle any challenges that inevitably rear their heads. Imagine trying to deal with a shortage of materials two days before the trade show’s set to start!

Some of the things you need to plan include:

  • Graphics, colour scheme, and overall visual design
  • Materials and where you’ll source them
  • Size and layout
  • Interactive features, technology, and infrastructure
  • Who will build and staff the stand
  • Day-to-day management
  • How you’ll convert visitors
  • Targets to achieve (e.g. number of visitors, sales processed, leads secured)

Don’t forget to brief your team beforehand. It doesn’t have to be super in-depth, but making sure everyone knows why they’re there and the key messages you want to convey can help avoid confusion on the day.

2. Eye-catching visuals

Before you can get people involved with your stand, you’ll need to catch their attention. That’s where the visuals of your stand come into play.

Your stand’s design should be themed to your brand, with matching colours, fonts, and styles. It should be fun and engaging to look at; subtle features like lighting and fabrics can make all the difference.

Visitors will be able to spot an amateur job a mile away, so make sure the imagery you use is high-definition, the materials good quality, and the overall design finished to a professional standard.

3. Experiential Marketing

People don’t want to just look and chat at your stand. They want to get an idea of how your product or service will benefit them in practice, and the best way to do that is with experiential marketing.

Experiential marketing involves crafting an immersive, real-life experience for visitors instead of relying on conventional marketing techniques. The beauty of experiential marketing lies in the emotions it incites – people are much more likely to remember the fun time they had trying out your product than they would remember reading a boring leaflet.

You could use experiential marketing in your stand by offering visitors:

  • Product demos
  • Samples
  • Taste tests
  • Giveaways
  • Shows and performances
  • VR experiences
people using touchscreen at HOKA event stand
people using VR headsets at an exhibition

4. Giveaways and promotions

Everyone loves free stuff, but the swag given away at exhibition shows usually ends up stuffed in a drawer or binned on the same day. Not only is this a waste of your business’s money, but it’s not great for the environment either.

Why not give your visitors something they’ll get a lot of use out of? Branded travel mugs, tote bags, and smartphone holders may be more expensive to buy than plastic keychains, but they’ll last far longer (and keep your brand in your visitors’ minds longer, too!). Bonus points if they’re made of eco-friendly materials like bamboo or recycled cardboard.

Want to know how else you can make your exhibition stand more sustainable? Check out our blog post!

5. Following up on leads

You’ve spent all day taking down names and collecting business cards, so don’t let that hard work go to waste.

Letting the valuable leads you’ve gathered go cold can end up costing you thousands in missed sale opportunities, so make sure to follow up with everyone who showed interest in your brand. If they ask for more information, make it a priority to send it to them as soon as possible.

Take your exhibition stand to the next level with Extreme Group

Although the points mentioned above are key to creating an exceptional stand, there are still plenty of other factors to take into account. Recruiting the help of stand design experts is often the simplest and most cost-effective way to create the jaw-dropping display your brand deserves.

At Extreme Group, we know exactly what goes into designing a great exhibition stand. By blending cutting-edge technology with stunning aesthetics, our team will create a stand that keeps your business at the forefront of every discussion.

Request a callback online or call us on 01202 620550. We’re happy to guide you through your options and answer any questions you have, so get in touch today!