A well-designed exhibition stand can make or break your success at an event. Too cluttered and people will be overwhelmed and walk right through; too little information, there won’t be enough to grab attendees’ attention. Harsh lighting will put people off, and so will not enough lighting. You want to make sure your brand is obvious, but you don’t want to bombard those interested in your stand. Juggling these things can be difficult, but hiring exhibition stand designers will enable you to make the most of your space in an innovative way that will draw people in and share any information needed.

Extreme Group have years of experience working with a range of businesses to design and manage exhibition stands that capture attention and generate leads. We know what we are doing, and we also know what should be considered by prospective customers before they hire us.

In this article, we run through the five pivotal questions we answer in any pitch before we are hired as exhibition stand designers.

Can you provide examples of your previous work?

This is a crucial question to ask anyone you are considering as an exhibition stand designer because it shows their standards and their typical style.

Your stand is an extension of your brand, so you need to know that it will reflect the quality of the service or product you provide. Additionally, it will need to reflect your brand identity, so you will need to understand what type of stands a business can provide to make sure it represents your brand.

Previous examples will also allow you to gauge how well they can deal with scales, whether they are used to working with small-scale stands at smaller exhibitions or large spaces at international exhibitions. This will demonstrate that they can cope with your expectations and demands.

At Extreme Group, we are proud of the work we have done, so we are always happy to give examples. Our case studies sit prominently on our website, so before you even meet us, you can read about our work. We will then provide further examples as we speak to you to get an understanding of what you are looking for, meaning that you are always able to see what we can do.

Allianz sustainable exhibition stand
JCB Exhibition

What experience do you have in our industry or niche?

As well as asking to see previous examples of work, it is also a good idea to see what experience an exhibition stand designer has working within your industry.

Previous experience will provide a foundation of knowledge they would be able to form ideas and concepts on. It will also mean that they have an understanding of what is important within the industry so they can prioritise these in their designs.

We have worked in a range of industries, from nautical companies to sportswear and oil and gas. This means we have a high level of expertise across many sectors, helping us produce attractive exhibition stands that will work perfectly for your company and help you stand out in the industry you are in.

What specific services can you provide?

Before hiring an exhibition stand designer, you need to understand the full scope of what they offer. Do they simply offer the designing for you to take elsewhere for printing and manufacturing, or do they offer an end-to-end solution that includes exhibition stand management and logistics?

This will especially need to be considered if you are designing a stand for an international event, as you will need to consider how you will get the stand to the event space and who will construct it once there.

The team at Extreme Group are able to offer a full service, from designing the stand to arranging logistics and managing the stand once at the event, meaning that you don’t have to worry about anything aside from getting yourself to the event.

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Will you be able to work within our budget?

Budget, like with everything, is going to be a primary concern when hiring an exhibition stand designer.

You will want to be clear about your budget and what you are looking for in your exhibition stand so that expectations and designs can be kept in line. Don’t be afraid to ask potential design companies whether they will be able to provide what you need within your budget.

We are always conscious of your budget and keep that figure in mind at every stage of the design process and beyond. We will also ensure that all pricing is communicated with you so you can keep an eye on spending as the project progresses.

How will you make our booth stand out?

Every stand should be different, and there are many ways to stand out from the crowd. Ask for details on how a designer will work to make sure your space stands out from those who will be surrounding it. You don’t want to blend in, as that won’t yield results for you.

Every detail matters to achieve this, so we will leave no stone unturned when designing your exhibition stand.

We will use a variety of lighting techniques to highlight the important pieces of information and your logo throughout your stand.

Additionally, we will consider the use of colours and their connotations, making sure they reflect your industry and messaging. Brand identity is key here as we can lean into recognisable aspects of your brand to draw attention to your stand.

We are a team of innovative and creative designers, which allows us to implement new and interesting features into your stands. For example, adding games, storytelling, and experiential and interactive features are tools that we often include in our designs as they provide an experience for those attending, grabbing attention and drawing them into your stand.

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Premium Exhibition Stand Design From Experts

Extreme Group is proud to provide a bespoke design service for each of our clients. We know each exhibition is different and you will be looking for different results, so we will get to know objectives before putting pencil to paper and designing.

We bring our decades of experience to each project, avoiding the hidden pitfalls of exhibition stand design so that your area is the best stand you could have.

Our complete design, management and logistics service makes your life easy, as you will only need to deal with one company rather than several, allowing you to spend time focusing on what really matters.

Interested in using us for your exhibition stand design? Book a consultation online, or give us a call at 01202 620550.