For many, the aim of any tradeshow is to stand out from the crowd, captivate an audience and generate leads. But with so many other stands at each event, it can be hard to be different. This is where bespoke exhibition stand design comes in.

A custom-designed exhibition stand will enable you to create a branded environment that showcases everything you need, in an engaging and dynamic way so that you can rule the tradeshow.

At Extreme Group, we have years of experience working with a range of industries to design, build and manage exhibition stands that perform, grabbing the attention of passersby and producing quality leads. In this blog, we dive into five reasons why a bespoke exhibition stand rules tradeshows and provides great results.

1. Brand identity and recognition

It is common sense that brand identity is crucial at any tradeshow; without it, you aren’t likely to be recognised… nor will you be recognisable in the future.

A bespoke exhibition stand design service will help you make the most of your branding, ensuring that it is optimally used throughout your stand. This could mean using backlighting behind logos, brand colours on the walls and any furniture used within the stand, and company fonts for any writing around the stand.

By maximising your brand identity within your stand, you are likely to capture the interest of those who already know you, as well as raise brand awareness for those who don’t know you so that they recognise you further down the line.

Extreme Group offer a design service with a team of experts who can utilise your brand guidelines in a creative and impactful way that will showcase your brand identity, helping you to stand out among your competitors at the tradeshow.

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2. Designed to meet specific marketing objectives

An exhibition stand will only perform if it is specifically designed with its objectives in mind. This is another reason why bespoke exhibition stands rule tradeshows; they create an experience that encourages the attendees to complete the tasks you want them to.

If you want to capture a lead’s information, you need to make sure that your stand makes it easy for visitors to share that information with you. This could be through interactive stands, where a lead completes a form, or through having several people man the stand, who will engage with visitors and take the information as part of a conversation.

However, if you are looking to sell products, you will want to have them front and centre of your stand, making it obvious what you are selling and making it easy for guests to get hold of the product.

A stand should connect with the attendees, but this can be tricky to do, especially when you have limited space. Using their experience, our team of experts are able to provide a bespoke exhibition stand design service that will utilise techniques to help you achieve your goals, whether that be to get information, educate attendees or sell products.

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3. Flexible designs

Designs need to be different in order to achieve your objectives which is why bespoke exhibition stands are often more successful than their standard, repetitive counterparts.

However, a bespoke exhibition stand design service will be able to help you create flexible designs that can be used for a variety of shows. Using modular exhibition stand designs, you will be able to interchange the components of your stand, creating a different look and potentially sharing different information for your various objectives and audiences.

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modular exhibition stand for sopra steria

4. Improved visitor experience

A well-designed exhibition stand will improve the visitor experience. Tradeshows can be busy, with thousands of people swarming around the exhibition centre, so you want to make sure your stand offers a bit of space to breathe while a visitor peruses information boards, images or products.

Bespoke exhibition stands can do this as it is a consideration at the forefront of the team when going through the design process. Our experts understand what it is like to be an attendee at a tradeshow, so are able to draw from their experience, combine this with your objectives, and create an experience that is pleasant and memorable.

This is done through using lighting, colours, spacing and furniture. Don’t make your area too dark as that can make it feel small and sometimes claustrophobic, but on the other hand, you don’t want to make it so bright that it hurts visitors’ eyes. You want to have enough boards and stands that you can display all the information needed, but you don’t want to overcrowd your space. Visitors will be looking for a bit of extra room to take a break from the sea of people moving around.

Our bespoke exhibition stand design specialists will be able to advise and guide you on these considerations as they work with you to create a stand that will offer an excellent visitor experience and get you noticed.

5. Professionalism and credibility

A few pop-up stands are unlikely to do the trick, as they can look like no thought or effort has been put into your appearance at the show. However, a bespoke exhibition stand that has been carefully designed will show that you have taken time and care to put your best foot forward at the tradeshow. A well-put-together stand enables you to offer experiential marketing, where you produce an immersive and engaging stand for your visitors.

A bespoke exhibition stand design service will ensure that your brand identity, objective and visitor experience are pulled together for a professional and credible look at any tradeshow, drawing crowds to your stand and achieving your goals.

Elevate your tradeshow stand

Enhance your trade show presence with a custom-designed stand from Extreme Group.

Our bespoke exhibition stand design team works with a wide variety of industries, including oil and gas, manufacturing, sportswear, marine services, aerospace, defence and security to produce interactive and dynamic exhibition stands that have ruled the tradeshows and generated fantastic results. Read our case studies to learn more about some of the work we have previously done.

With 30 years of experience, we have an unparalleled level of knowledge that enables us to design and build memorable exhibition stands that weave all the above together so that you can attend the tradeshow with confidence that it will be a success.

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