Hiring exhibition stand designers offers many advantages, as designing an exhibition stand that converts attendees into leads is hard. Many aspects must be considered to create an impactful stand, and one misplaced idea could cost you a successful event.

From lighting to logo position to colour schemes and branding, at Extreme Group we can blend it all together to design an exhibition stand that will stand out among the crowds and draw people in.

But employing an experienced company like us provides many more benefits. In this blog, we share the five key benefits of utilising the expertise of exhibition stand designers.

1. Cost-efficient design and construction

Exhibition stand experts will have the knowledge on how to create a stand that is cost-effective in both design and construction.

Knowing which materials will work for your requirements is one thing, but designing a stand utilising cost-effective materials is a different ball game. With years of experience in stand design and construction, our team will consider the materials and construction process as they design a stand for you. This will enable them to create an economical stand that is budget-friendly.

2. Long-term reusability

If you are looking for a stand that you can use for other events in the future, designers will be able to design a stand with this in mind.

With industry knowledge, a designer will be able to offer advice about the most appropriate style for this approach. More often than not, modular stands will be the answer. While these are easy to assemble and reconfigure, it takes some thought to create an informative and relaxing experience utilising these stands.

An exhibition stand designer will be able to develop several stand layouts with the same modules, offering you flexibility and choice so that your stand at each event can be unique.

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3. Quality designs that maximise ROI

Any design should be objective-led. But the quality of the design shouldn’t be outweighed by the intention of the stand.

Expert advice and guidance are invaluable when it comes to this as they can create bespoke exhibition stands that reflect brand identity to draw audiences into the recognisable brand while also offering an engaging experience that sends a clear message that encourages lead generation.

Exhibition designers can utilise tools such as experiential marketing with the use of technology, lighting and colours.

4. Avoidance of costly mistakes

As with anything, there are mistakes that many non-expert trade stand designers can make. These will have a direct impact on your success and can cost you money, but sometimes these pitfalls are easy to fall into.

Hiring an expert exhibition stand designer will help you avoid these, offering alternative ideas that will get your space to stand out and succeed rather than fail.

A great example of this is having a clear goal for your stand. If you don’t know what you are trying to do with your stand, how are you going to design a stand that will achieve anything? At Extreme Group, we will ensure that you and our team know exactly what you want to achieve at the event before starting any designs, whether your focus is generating leads, selling products or informing your audience.

We will then create a concept with the objective at the forefront, ensuring that a concise message is promoted across the stand, encouraging your audience to do what you are looking for (fill in a form, purchase something etc.).

This is just one example of a mistake often made when designing a stand, and with our guidance, you will avoid many more.

5. Project management and execution

Often exhibition stand designers will offer an end-to-end service, including project management and execution as part of the package.

This will enable you to focus your attention and time on other aspects of the event organisation and your business.

At Extreme Group, we can handle all aspects of your stand, from design to logistics and management of the stand.

Benefit from our exhibition stand designers

We have a team of experienced designers who bring a wealth of knowledge to each project they work on. Over the years, we have worked to design and manage exhibition stands across a range of industries including sportswear, technology, marine and nautical, oil and gas and aerospace and defence. Take a look at our case studies to see what we have achieved for these industries.

We utilise our knowledge and passion for innovation to design an exhibition stand that will make you stand out and grab attendees’ attention.

Looking to work with expert exhibition stand designers? Book a consultation online or call on 01202 620550.