From cutting-edge VR to a friendly game of chess, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a good game.

Games give us a chance to take a breather from our daily routines, feel a sense of accomplishment, and boost our strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities. They’re a fantastic way to escape from the humdrum of our everyday lives while levelling up our skills – and having a lot of fun along the way!

And games aren’t just great for the players; they also serve as a powerful marketing tool. They allow you to tap into people’s natural desire for competition, achievement, and fun. By incorporating game elements into your marketing strategy (known as ‘gamification’), you can effectively grab your target audience’s attention and keep them more engaged with your product.

Exhibition stands provide an excellent opportunity to incorporate gamification. Since they’re inherently interactive, game features can be slotted in naturally and with relative ease. The versatility of exhibition stands also allows you to implement a broad range of game genres and types.

Extreme Group is the leading choice for high-quality experiential event stands and branded environments, whether you’re in the UK or overseas. Keep reading for our guide on five creative ways to incorporate gamification into your exhibition stand!

1. Interactive scavenger hunt

You can find scavenger hunts just about everywhere, from national parks to museums. They give people a fun way to explore new places and learn new information along the way.

Unlike reading signs or brochures, scavenger hunts get people actively involved in the experience – they’re searching high and low for answers to clues, having fun, and learning a lot, without even realising it! This is why the lessons people pick up on a scavenger hunt tend to stick with them much longer than from passive ways of learning.

If you want to create a scavenger hunt at your own booth, give your visitors a list of clues or tasks that will lead them through different parts of your exhibit. You can use QR codes or a dedicated app to help them keep track of their progress, and even reward them with prizes or discounts when they successfully complete the hunt.

Scavenger hunts work best in larger spaces or branded environments, where everyone has plenty of room to roam. However, you may still be able to implement one if you’re in a smaller stand – just ask the host if you can span your treasure hunt across the whole exhibition space!

2. Trivia or quiz game

Trivia games and quizzes are a fun way for people to flex their knowledge while learning new and interesting tidbits. You can use them as a tool to boost your brand’s presence by tying them into your business or products. People can join in on the fun individually or as part of a team, answering questions displayed on screens or through a mobile app. You might even want to celebrate the winners by putting their names on a physical leaderboard.

3. Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) experiences

A lot of people believe that AR and VR are the future of gaming, and it’s not hard to see why: they let you dive headfirst into a 360-degree virtual world, rather than just watching it on a screen. This means that, when you use AR or VR to showcase your products, you can create immersive experiences that are far more engaging than your typical game. Your event attendees can slip on VR headsets or use their smartphones to explore a virtual world connected to your business, making your booth stand out while giving your visitors a memorable experience.

htc stand interior seating

4. Spin-the-wheel or prize wheel

What’s even more fun than playing a game? Playing for a chance to win awesome prizes!

Set up a spinning wheel with a mix of rewards or discounts. Attendees can spin the wheel by doing things like signing up for your newsletter, following your social media accounts, or sharing a post about your booth. Not only does this keep them engaged, but also helps you collect new leads and grow your online presence.

5. Escape room challenge

Thanks to their combination of problem-solving and teamwork, escape rooms have remained popular for several years now. You can join in on the fun by creating a mini escape room challenge right in your booth. Invite attendees to tackle puzzles, solve riddles, or take on tasks related to your industry or products, all in the pursuit of “escaping” or winning a prize. This type of gamification can be a real crowd-pleaser and can promote both camaraderie and engagement.

Talk to the experts in gamified event stands

Looking to promote your business with a gamified event booth? Well, you’re in the perfect place.

At Extreme Group, we’ve been creating one-of-a-kind exhibition stands since 1994. We can design, build, and manage a stunning exhibition booth for your business, integrating gamification in a way that perfectly aligns with your industry and business goals. Our industry expertise means we can strike the ideal balance between fun and information, ultimately leading to higher engagement and more leads.

An example of how we do this can be seen in the event booth we created for HTC. We set up their VR headsets for a gamified experience that allowed people to get hands-on with their products, and it was such a hit that we were invited back the following year!

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