Looking to connect with potential customers and solidify your brand face-to-face? Trade shows and exhibitions offer a powerful chance to do just that. Using both conversation and creative booth design, you can directly share your brand’s message, personality, and values to potential customers and industry colleagues. Trade shows are also a great way to target a specific audience most interested in what you offer, allowing for deeper brand connection and a more impactful message.

Of course, with so many booths vying for attention, standing out can be a challenge. Luckily, there are a few proven ways to boost your exhibition stand and make a lasting impression.

Extreme Group have been designing, building, and managing branded stands and environments since 1994. Below, we’ll explore four key ways to elevate your booth’s branding, using some of our own work as examples.

1. Use brand colours in your scheme

Colour has power. It stirs emotions, shapes our perceptions, and makes events stay in our minds long after they’ve come and gone. That’s why sticking to your brand’s signature colour palette throughout your exhibition space is so critical – a consistent scheme reinforces brand recognition while creating a stunning environment that draws people in.

When designing an event space for HAECO, we immersed the entire area in their light, airy blue-and-white branding colours. This included everything from the walls to the seating and even the flower arrangements on display. To prevent a monotonous feel, we injected contrasting pops of rich brown and black. The result was a cohesive yet visually interesting atmosphere that drew in passersby while reinforcing HAECO’s brand identity.

Mock plane setting as an event stand for HAECO.
HTC logo next to the VIVE logo as part of a bespoke exhibition stand

2. Make your mark with strategic logo placement

Your logo is the cornerstone of your brand, so don’t tuck it away in a tiny corner of your booth! Place it prominently throughout your exhibition space, ideally at eye level, and in sizes that are easily visible from a distance. You could also get creative by incorporating your logo into larger displays or even the floor design. The goal is to make your branding the focal point, leaving no doubt about who you are. 

 When we designed HTC’s booth, we made their logo highly visible in both obvious and subtle ways. We featured it on large overhead signs, walls, and cabinets, with many backlit by LEDs for extra pop and a high-tech vibe fitting for the company. We also paired their logo frequently with the Vive product logo on floors, displays, and more to drive home what they were showcasing. The result was a cohesive, branded space that clearly communicated HTC’s presence and current offering in an eye-catching yet refined way. 

3. Speak volumes with relevant graphics

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and in the fast-paced environment of an exhibition hall, impactful visuals are key. Make use of eye-catching imagery and graphics that embody your brand’s personality while highlighting your products or services – think vibrant murals and artistic product shots. The visuals should be crisp, high-quality, and an accurate reflection of your brand’s unique character.

In the branded environment we created for Harman Kardon, we tapped into the urban-inspired style they were using at the time. We incorporated gritty graphics, neon signage, and a miniature city skyline – elements that resonated with their target audience. This unique cityscape made their booth stand out from the surrounding exhibits, resulting in an immersive brand experience.

Large street art used as imagery for a bespoke exhibition stand for Harman.
JCB vehicles as part of the bespoke designed display at an event.

4. Use product demos to bring your brand to life

There’s no better way to cement brand understanding than by letting visitors experience your product firsthand. Interactive product demos are a fantastic way to engage attendees and leave a lasting impression, as they let people experience them up close, rather than simply view them in an image or video.

Train your staff to conduct demos that are both informative and engaging. Let them see, touch, and interact with your product – this turns passive observers into active participants in your brand’s story.

For the stand we built for JCB, we decided the best way to showcase their vehicles and engines would be to have the actual products on site. Their large size made them impossible to miss for passersby, and we highlighted them and any relevant info with strategically placed spotlights. On top of this, we wanted to ensure the stand still felt spacious rather than enclosed due to the large products, so we designed an open-air stand using a mix of solid structural shapes without roofs and rigging structures fitting JCB’s industry.

Make your brand the star of the show with an event stand from Extreme Group

Don’t let your brand blend in at your next event – stand out with a stunning branded stand from Extreme Group!

Our expert designers create strategic experiences that blend powerful branding with eye-catching visuals. We take the time to understand your brand identity and goals, then translate that knowledge into a booth that seamlessly integrates your logo, messaging, and key visuals to grab attention and drive engagement.

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